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Brand ALTAI OSMO was founded in 2017 by designer Altynai Osmoeva, a graduate of the Central Saint Martins. She was inspired to create her own brand, by the desire of producing garments with Eastern aesthetics. Today, designer creates women's clothing and accessories in collaboration with South Tribes Accessories brand. Most of the fabrics created by hands of craftsmen all over the world and are collected by Osmoeva during her travels.

The story of designer Aiymzhan Almazbekova and her eponymous brand began in September 2013 after participating in the "ProFashion" contest. The closing of the atelier and showroom in 2017 was a tremendous change for the brand, which prompted Aiymzhan to show her debut ready-to-wear collection at the BMW Fashion Show. Today, the company produces clothing lines for women, reinforcing its high-quality production. The designer seeks to dress her clients into clothes suitable for a daily life, which has a positive effect on the success of the brand.

CUT A DASH - Drop of art in your wardrobe

Founders Aijan Firsova and Saikal Seitalieva crafting CUT A DASH since 2017, as a brand of a new generation, where art is the key to a fashion game.

Inspired by the interchange between fashion and art, the brand releases each collection by organizing art exhibitions, where visitors can experience the idea and learn the intellectual value of a collection. Designers work with complex patterns in design and experiment with different textures of luxury fabrics.

IZZZO - ethical brand, producing clothes for young men and women. From the moment of campaign establishment in Spring 2017 brand uses only natural fabrics and became members of the global movement for sustainability in the fashion world. IZZZO distinguished by originality, quality, simplicity, and irony.

The brand was created in 2013 by Philosopher and Professor Mirakhim Oposh, he's been working to create the image of a modern Warrior, easily mixing ethnic and casual along with his unique style. It is not for nothing that the brand is called SHERDEN, which means Spiritualization and a Surge of Energies. Most of the products are made from handmade fabrics and accessories.

Tatiana Vorotnikova is a famous fashion designer, an experimenter, and a connoisseur of the Kyrgyz patterns and symbols. Recognized for elevating the Kyrgyz national clothing to the ranks of art, and for being first who adapted the traditional Kyrgyz costume into a modern lifestyle. She is a keeper of the Kyrgyz craftsmanship because, once she gathered the largest and perhaps, the only one of its kind collection of the ancient Kyrgyz costumes, as well as invaluable collection of the Kyrgyz embroidery.

Ulusha is an inspiring young designer from Bishkek, with her own vision and sense of creativity. Brand ULUSHA ZHOL is one of the most favorite street style brands among fashion enthusiasts from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Europe. In every collection, there is something dreamy and out of this world, giving her clients that special feel of creativity, individuality, and self-confidence.

Brand ULUSHA ZHOL influenced by the nomadic roots of the Central Asian region and eastern aesthetics to create - bold contemporary styles.

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