Create your custom merchandise 

You've got a million dollar idea, we've got a network of professional designers and  factories to bring your vision into live. We're here to help you create in the hassle free environment, allowing you to skip on sourcing multiple manufacturers  and costly production overheads.  Save your time and nerves , by leaving this job to us. 

Our clothes are manufactured using 100% natural cotton that can be customized in an assortment of style, season and sizes for men, women and children. It's easy to add variety of customizations and special details to your garments, starting from graphic print designs, woven clothing labels, and even custom designed embroidery (to name a few). We can make anything a reality. All you need to do is to send us your idea, sketched designs or fully realized tech-pack to get started. 


Design assistance through our creative studio.

Our designers are specializing in modern fashion and technologies trends, based on that, we can provide you with our already designed models, stylized to your company's preferences and requirements.

Outstanding Quality

Our company constantly strives to be on top of the latest design trends and technology innovations. We work hard to ensure that our factory is equipped with modern and advanced machinery. We carefully select fabrics from only guaranteed high quality and sustainable producers. 

Factory Price

We are giving our clients an opportunity to work directly with our factory, providing full assistance in design and production processes. Having no intermediaries involved, allows IZZZO to offer high quality apparel at the factory price.

Understanding our clients needs

We at IZZZO look at each project as a collaboration. For us, it is important to understand client's ideas and learn what they want to achieve through our clothing. So before we begin, we always make sure that our clients are happy with our design proposals. 


Want to learn more? 

Please feel free to use this form below and let us know what you want to manufacture - make sure to specify what item you're interested in making and in what quantities in the 'Description' field. We'll get back to you with details and pricing options.

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